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Gumleaf FAQ'S

Australian Made BlueScope Colorbond steel.

Most gutter guards work to a degree. The most important thing you should think about is the life of the guard. Plastics are not made for extreme conditions as they expand and contract. This causes them to crack, bubble and most are highly flammable. We remove most plastic guard within 5-6 years. Steel is great but needs to be quality steel to be resistant to rusting.

Gumleaf offers a warranty of 10 years, but we expect the product to have well over 20 years of performance.

All gutter guards must be flushed from time to time. We install hatches to enable this to be done easily.

Yes, we certainly do. All gutters, valleys and down-pipes are cleaned before Gumleaf gutter protection is installed.

Gumleaf’s pricing is very competitive. We manufacture our product in bulk and pass the discount onto the customer.

For tile roofs, it is available only in Woodland Grey (similar to Thunder grey) as it can’t be seen from the ground. For other roofs , it is available in most COLORSTEEL® or COLORBOND ® colours .

No, Gumleaf gutter protection has a step system whereby it is attached to the top of the gutter lip, goes to the first tile, takes a step down and rests on the fascia board under the first tile.

Yes, it’s available for DIY. It can be purchased directly from us or any of the listed suppliers. We also have preferred installers in most areas.

Catlo Enterprises Pty. Ltd. are proprietors of Australian Patent Nos. 682964 and 714799 and Trade Mark Registration nos. 634306 and 721794 for Gutta-Arma and Gutta-Arma Leaf and Pest Shield respectively.

“Gumleaf Gutter Protection has been our Exclusive Licensee since May 2007 and the use of our Patents and Trade Marks by any other entity is an infringement of our legal rights and is open to prosecution.

Gumleaf Gutter Protection has an Exclusive License Contract and are the only company in Australia legally entitled to manufacture and supply gutter guard products to our patented specifications. We can substantiate that they use BHP BlueScope products exclusively and produce a top quality product in accordance with our patented specifications. We recommend their products to you.”

Stephen Lothian
Catlo Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
ABN 55 060 689 705.

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