We offer exceptional leaf guard protection to residential and commercial buildings.

Welcome to Gumleaf Gutter Protection

Hi, Rohan Rudd, owner of Gumleaf, South Island supplier of Gutter Guard. I am personally involved in the Gumleaf quoting process and installation of our superior Gutter Guard Protection product and cover Canterbury and Otago. We also travel to all other areas of the South Island.

Your Journey begins with me. I make myself available six days a week anytime, as I realise how important it is to be accessible to meet all clients and potential clients guttering needs.

I always endeavour to call on clients following the initial call the next day where applicable, and I am only too happy to offer free no obligation advice, and a competitive quote at the time of meeting to discuss your guttering requirements.

I am very aware that the advice I offer will help to protect, which in most cases is your biggest investment.

Most homeowners will be experiencing at least one if not all of these problems below:

leaf litter and tree debris clogging guttering and spouting’s, birds nesting in roof guttering and accessing the roof cavity through the spouting. Rats and mice in your roof cavity and wreaking havoc in your ceilings. Snow and hail physically damaging the spouting and causing water to enter wall and ceiling cavities due the blocked spouting.


Gutter Problems Easily Avoided

Gutter Guard is an expanded steel mesh product, with a surface not unlike the surface of a cheese grater. Produced from the identical material as Colour Steel roofing, this fantastic product offers the same range of colours,and the vast choice of colours allows the Gutter Guard product to blend in beautifully with your roofing.

Gutter Guard Louvered cheese grater surface ensures that leaf litter and tree debris slides right over top of this spouting and guttering product, resulting in clean guttering along with the added bonus of the Gutter Guard product strengthening the spouting to stand up to the weight of a heavy snowfall and hail.


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Corrugated Roof Installation

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